About Us

We’re proud to call Charleston, South Carolina home.  As a vibrant city virtually surrounded by water, it’s fitting that our team is located here and dedicated to helping solve critical challenges facing all of us – water conservation and energy management.

Digital Water is focused on driving change – behavioral change, process enhancement and, of course, cost reduction. Our clients include commercial, industrial, municipal and other constituents seeking to build or interact with smart water networks.  We start each day with the belief that “solving energy” is not just a good idea, it’s bigger than that.  It’s key to our global need to be much smarter about our resource consumption – to participate and make a difference.  In short, where water and energy intersect-that’s where you’ll find us.

Our energy management solutions leverage the power of real-time data collection, cloud computing and big data analytics to maximize energy savings, operational efficiency, and asset utilization. We provide an integrated platform including asset-level submetering, energy management software, intelligent controls, and professional services to drive down operating costs. Digital Water is transforming the way our clients use energy and interact with power markets.

We also offer smart grid engagement solutions to utilities seeking greater customer satisfaction and the need to drive price transparency. Our solutions enable utilities to implement energy efficiency programs with facilities, ultimately leading to sufficient available load for participation in demand response programs.


Our Approach

The Digital Water team is comprised of experienced water and wastewater professionals that fundamentally understand the balance between process and energy. We don’t over complicate our offering. In fact it’s relatively straight-forward. If you’re focused on getting a handle on your energy consumption across the organization as quickly as you can, our team can help.

We deploy in days – not months.

We begin a project by obtaining in-depth knowledge of the organization and its processes relative to energy consumption, conducting an initial facility audit and targeting strategic loads for monitoring. Power monitors are then installed at strategic locations throughout the plant to meter instantaneous power usage. Additional network-based control switches are then installed to manage discretionary load during high-use periods if required, to help keep peak load below the threshold goal.

Once connected, the data is encrypted, streamed to a hosted cloud service and displayed with engaging tools to start and manage your energy conservation strategies.  Connect with a Digital Water team member and let’s get started.